Francis the Black

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Been into animals for over 60 years. Author, breeder, groomer, handler, Schutzhund, Show, Trials, Trainer, Communicator, etc, etc...
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  1. loischwarz says:

    We have traveled for two days, up further into the mountain tops twenty three of us. We traveled mostly by night and slept during the middle of the day as we are nocturnal. As we climb higher the forest becomes un-passable because of the thickness of the underbrush and so we follow many trails that were made by others, Old ancient trails that we have traveled since the beginning of time.
    It has become darker as the clouds have gathered and the temperature colder, which we love. On the first day up the mountain we stopped and played around the waterfalls and streams catching large trout that were abundant. We saw a family of bears and ran them off after the mother bear put up a fight, but we were only tormenting her as we were full.
    Francis is the most active of the pack and moves to her own beat of the drums. Though she is smaller than us all, she is fast and catches a lot of food. She mostly plays with her food, or leaves it for the others.
    Going on two years of age and having a litter of 10 pups she is well revered by all. She has left the pack many times as she runs on the outside perimeters with her pups and her mate Tankard. She is in season now and this has caused a problem with a few of the young males, too young to know what to do, but instinct tells them to follow her and Tankard has gotten into some fights with the young male Woodsy. Now Woodsy follows the pack in the distance and he is accompanied by others that have been shunned away.
    We have been on the move for two days and two nights and we have come to a familiar gathering place about fifty feet from a shimmering lake. There are many paths and the trees opened up into a meadow and I stopped before the sky opened up over head. Here I lay to rest and dig a small cool spot in the forest floor. My head and nose pointing out into the meadow so I could see what would come our way. I saw Francis and her white wolf-mate Tankard below and to the left as they skirted the meadow hidden by the tall conifer trees and berry bushes. They were jumping and bumping into each other in the game of those in season. They took off across the meadow and down the other side.
    The sun was now high in the sky as a flock of geese fly past me to land in the lake. They hit the water with lots of wing-bashing, chasing and honking and the waterways come alive.
    It is time to rest here for a while. I shall write again tomorrow.

  2. loischwarz says:

    btw, My stories are based in truths and these dogs/wolves in my stories are real. I use their temperaments and character in my stories. Francis is black and smaller than the rest of my dogs. She also acts just like this in real life.

  3. Very beautiful depiction.

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