The Dire Wolf Project

When anyone takes someone’s stock and breeds them for over three generations, the stock is now a NEW LINE or a new foundation, especially if the stock you got your dogs from was an early creation or f-1, 2, 3 etc. Such generations are loaded with a high % of combinations of genetic characteristics. In other words, the early generational outcrosses are not ‘SET’. No one can breed such animals and still stay the course of the founder. That is impossible. After 3 generations you will find that the breeder taking over has moved the center line of the breed either one way or another. What can be done (as in some breeds) is that after you create a line based on the breed standards, one could actually merge the two groups and then take only those that are the closest to the breed standards and strengthen the entire breed after about 3 or 4 generations. Then once again you are wobbly, but if you continue breeding such, will come into strong genetic bonds to the breed standards if the animals used were as close to the standards as possible.

I am the American Alsatian breed. I am the Breed founder. I am the National American Alsatian Club. I am the American Alsatian Registry. Any registrations that do not come from me, are not registered with the American Alsatian Registry. I OWN THE REGISTRY.

My dogs will be kept by me here at the Schwarz Kennels for the rest of their natural lives and shall be used to solidify my work here in southern Oregon. If you have one of my pups and your pup is registered with the NAAC with my 1987 NASC stamp on it, then you have a Schwarz Dog.

About LoisSchwarz

Been into animals for over 60 years. Author, breeder, groomer, handler, Schutzhund, Show, Trials, Trainer, Communicator, etc, etc...
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