Breeding my dogs for me

Good Afternoon bloggers! After a very long day and night Leloo has given me 7 pups out of the nine she whelped. I smile and am filled with the love from and of my father, the man above, the spirit walker. Thank you again for such a wonderful, beautiful litter of DireWolves. I am so blessed.

At day one, puppies all look like big Rats to me, lol. Nothing like fluffy puppies they sleep and eat and sleep and eat, if they survive. No, not all puppies make it you see, puppies are born without a temperature setting and this makes them very vulnerable to dying of cold. Their bodies can not produce heat. Why? This is NATURES way of disposing of the weak. Well, just one of the ways, there are many more but this one is a biggy for breeders.

Under the frost line the mother earth warms all its animals and life can survive! A canines natural evolutionary defence from extinction is in the form of a dugout underground den and anything else will never work with 100% efficiency. Not if you want ‘strongbred’ (TM). Strongbred is what a breeder does to produce animals with the highest rate of survival and the highest level of immunity giving the highest chance to reproduce and bring in the next generation of more strongbred. I am headed towards that direction soon enough. It all takes time but it will be soon. Some of the older dens we used need to be cleaned up and large heavy kennel panels need to be replaced. Takes money too. Breeding is not as easy as most folks think it is. It takes a toll on your soul.

I have been breeding animals for over 60 years and I am getting tired. It has been a long run trying my best to do the best I can into the NATURE of it all. Breeding the best to me is not breeding for the show ring but for breeding for the breed or line of animals that I am bringing into the world, you see, that is my conviction, the person that I am and that I have been from the day I was born. It is what makes me, me.

I am writing this blog today because there is a slow down on the ‘demand’ of pups. This happens sometimes. When I was the only breeder, I could control the amount of dogs I brought into the world and the demand for the pups, today it is kind of different. As I am cutting back in my dogs here on the farm, selling some outcross giants that were needed to increase the size of the last generations, I am now at the end of the Dire Wolf Project. How I know this is through the 60 years of breeding animals or ‘experience’. I can see ahead. I can also see into each dog and what I see are the genes and this enables me to see ahead. I can not really teach this, I think it has to be learned. Sometimes you just have to walk the path. You can’t get everything out of a book, lol. Some folks do try though don’t they? Nope, you gotta walk at some point, so as a teacher, I have learned to just allow my student to get in there and do some walking before I can teach anything else. I just have to let them fly and take a vacation from me for a bit. Take 10 years and go learn about breeding by yourself cause we just can’t continue talking. Now you have to put it to use. You are lucky if you have me to fall back on and you have not pissed me off. My way of teaching doesn’t have government restrictions on it. It is just relationships and communications from one person to another so If you get upset at me or you take from me more than you give, you might just get booted. See, I don’t have to teach. Actually no one has to. All most all older folks are ‘teachers’. They teach just by being your friend, if you listen. Pearls. Some folks have a lot of Pearls. Time……….. Time is all we have to give. My time is valuable and who I choose to share my words and time with are up to me. Pay Attention.

Please read my book the Handbook for New Puppy Owners by L. E. Schwarz

It is the BEST book around until I make my next book. I best get on that. I have a gazillion in this computer. I figure when I stop breeding completely I shall have the time to finish all those books that are just waiting for me to get to them.

Yes, Leloo and Ironheart had a litter of pups and I am pleased. 7 puppies this morning and I shall be keeping 2 or 3 to co own with my daughter Amey Gage. We are only going to keep the best of my life’s work now and the other pups from these litter’s will be sold and that breaks my heart because I am going to tell you the truth of how I feel about all this. These puppies are the production of over 35 years of breeding for the DireWolf and to put a value on them for sale kills me. As far as I am concern there is no one on this planet that I have met (but a handful) that deserve one of my dogs. So, what am I to do? Here is my dilemma. They are fine tuned. They are “Stradivarius” of the violin, they are the best of the best and in today’s market, the price is too high. Here is my dilemma. For all I have prepared, for all I have thought, for all I have figured into the equation, I never foresaw this.

We will NOT be breeding for the public for a while. We shall continue to bring ME……… my dire wolves and some may be sold to the public if we have more than is needed here at the farm. EXPECT HIGH PRICES.

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Been into animals for over 60 years. Author, breeder, groomer, handler, Schutzhund, Show, Trials, Trainer, Communicator, etc, etc...
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