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Real Dire Wolf remains found in a cave

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Dire Wolves were the trunk of the evolutionary tree of the Canines

Thousands of these Pleistocene carnivore bones have been recovered from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. I have always said that they are the Dinosaurs of the Dog.

The Dire Wolves were the result of the moving continents off Africa as they made their territorial world in what is today South America and then traveled closer to the equator in large numbers after they had OUTCROSSED out of their dinosaur lines. At that time they were not Dire Wolves.

This makes sense when you think of the THOUSANDS of Dire Wolf bones found in North America in the La Brea Tar Pits. (If you find one flea, you can be sure there are hundreds more.) Their bones have been found from Idaho to Bolivia.

The dire wolves’ tar-preserved remains reveal a Mammal with Canine teeth and a body six feet long. The stomach contents of such creatures have shown that the diet of these packs of Carnivore that cleaned up the jungles and swamps lived mostly off small horses.

My thoughts as a breeder that understands how generations of particular body parts evolve throughout time when one out-crosses or inbreeds, came to the conclusion that if the Paleontologists would just discuss things with us, they would be far closer to the real truth than they are today, in that the dire wolves were actually out of the dinosaurs and are a lot OLDER than they think coming out of Africa and breeding for thousands of years in the Forests of South America then migrating to North America and Canada.

They still believe the Dire Wolf evolved in the Americas when i know it had to have evolved from older species of Dinosaurs from Africa.

The reason the Dire Wolf lasted so long is that they were garbage eaters (scavengers) that lived underground and had at least 18 pups in a litter and were a lot longer and smaller way back then, and there were hundreds of them, before they became the Dire Wolf.

The only way that the Dire Wolf could have been so large was that of outcrossing and not to just ONE outcross but of many. They were plentiful in their cousins, aunts and uncles of many different ‘types’ and they ate scat, grass, bugs, horses, frogs and lots of dead things. They were the garbage eaters that kept the planet clean. If ever they had nothing to eat they would eat their own feces. They were the ultimate survivors! Do i believe they went extinct? Nope, not for one bit. They EVOLVED… into the Hyena’s and Jackles and Fox and coyote as the Dire Wolf was the Trunk of the tree of the Carnivore. The problem with THEIR figures, is that they are not going back far enough into the past. Look to the many smaller species that bred together to beget the DireWolf.

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