Schwarz Dogs and the Dire Wolf Project

     The Dire Wolf Project all started with the American Alsatian which was first developed by Lois Denny in 1987.
   The first litter between a purebred Alaskan Malamute (Buddy) and a purebred German Shepherd Dog (Swanny) was whelped on February 4, 1988 in Oxnard, California.

     The name of the dogs that Lois has bred has been changed several times as her dogs progressed from a mixed breed of dog, the Shepalute’ in 1987 and then the North American Shepalute of 1988. 

    As the look of the dog advanced and the outcrossings drove the dogs into a more massiff girthier looking dog, the name changed again in 2000 to the Alsatian Shepalute.

 When the dogs started selling over seas, the name changed once again to the American Alsatian. 

   Getting to know Lois you will find that she cares nothing about her dogs being classified and when one wants to classify the dogs, she balks. Her dogs are the Schwarz Dogs because so many would love to take the dogs and place them in a category. The only category Lois agrees to, is that her dogs are not working dogs but Companion Dogs with the only job being to be velcro and kind hearted.

Standards of the Breed American Alsatian

    Standards are the blue prints of a breed therefore all pure breeds have standards. Are the Schwarz Dogs a breed?  A breed of anything is consistant in repeating itself in all the young it produces.

    Standards must describe the dog in a multitude of areas and may specifically state in increments how long or tall or how much the dog weighs. In reading a standard an artist should be able to sketch the dog accordingly. Any reasonable person would be able to ‘see’ the dog in their mind just from reading the standards of the breed.

Temperament and Temperament testing

  Temperament is the character or actions that a dog displays when confronted with a situation. A temperament test is helpful in determining how to socialize and guide or train that particular pup/dog.

   A companion dog is a dog that is bred only for companionship of the homo sapiens. Some of a ‘Companion Dogs’ temperament and character would be to tolerate human fondling, to be mellow and acceptable of many different human situations. To not be shy or nervous but of a calm nature. Such dogs may bond easily to the family unit and have a want to please attitude. Companion dogs easily adapt to wheel chair noises, cars, city life and make great Service Dogs


OUTCROSSING introduces new traits for definite improvement. Our biggest failing is “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”. LINEBREEDING creates and establishes a pedigree which in degrees, incorporates and produces specific traits on a continuous basis. If a good female results from a breeding, she can be bred back to her grand-sire for consistency of type reflecting the sire’s side.  INBREEDING sets type and simplifies goals. Inbreeding consists of mother to son, father to daughter, brother to sister, etc. Strengthening desirable dominants as well as hidden recessive, the breeder must recognize and correct once again through out crossing…

About LoisSchwarz

Been into animals for over 60 years. Author, breeder, groomer, handler, Schutzhund, Show, Trials, Trainer, Communicator, etc, etc...
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